Islands of Nyne Wiki

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is an online, competitive first-person shooter inspired by works such as Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. Chosen by a mysterious alien race and taken to a distant planet, one hundred players must fight each other to the death in one of three ever-shrinking arenas. Drop in, find a weapon, and stay alive... for there can be only one!


  • One hundred players per match in an arena that shrinks as the player numbers drop. Matches are intended to last 30 minutes tops.
  • Multiple game modes: Classic deathmatch, Pairs, and Five Men, Twenty Teams.
  • Three arenas: Every arena is designed to provide a unique battlefield to challenge your tactical thinking and decision making.
  • Competitive matchmaking: Ensuring you fight against 99 other players of a similar rank.
  • Ranks: Advancing through the ranks eventually grants you high tier armor, distinguishing you from other players.
  • Skill-based rewards: The longer you outlast the competition, the more currency you receive and the better gear can you buy.
  • Player betting system: You can use the in-game currency to bet on other players.